How to be Sexy

List: 10 ways to be subtly Sexayyy- Partly Satire, Partly truth. 


10. Be the kind of person who Winks..But not too much, then it gets weird.

9. Don’t kiss and tell. Mystery is an underrepressented virtue.

8. Don’t just walk it when you can be workinnn’ itt. (Seriously though, have a good walk)

7. If the right moment ever occurs, raise an eyebrow. A side smile will occur naturally. (Maybe not THE sexiest thing, but it’s something playful)

6. If you’re a girl and you don’t get accrylics (which I don’t suggest), grow your nails and keep them well. Hands are for touching aren’t they?

5. Listen more than you talk. Everyone interesting is interested in an observer!

4. Blow someone a kiss- if it goes badly, just play it off by acting like it was directed towards some other lucky person.

3. Be good to everyone around you. It attracts everyone!

2. Big Hair = Big Attitude.

1. Be Calm and move slowly.

(Not this Slowly)

So there it is. Tips on how to be sexy from the sexiest person you know, yours truly. Just kidding, of course. :) I bid you all well wishes for your sex appeal everyone!

And also, if you haven’t yet seen this cover of “Sexy and I Know it” is a must listen- Trust Me, it will change your life. Enjoy!