So I wrote a Rap

The following is a rap I conducted(z)..

It’s like you made love to my mind,

left yourself inside

and in time it ferments into the sweetest wine.

It drips down my body, and into my heart

pumps through my veins

and i’m forever changed

I look in the mirror and I see your reflection

some kind of physical manifestation of our connection

the universe bends as my heart breaks

pouring hot desire like an earthquake

but you don’t even feel it, do you?

like the blink of an eye, or an ambient sound

your love for me is less than profound

but a wink, a touch

send me in a downward spiral

exponentiating my love to a level that’s viral


2 responses

  1. poor dear, don’t you know, in such repetition
    its your own heart that soars, then burns with affliction.
    your hopes like wax wings, flew you too high
    then burned in the sun, you fell from the sky.
    but don’t glide too low, skirting the ground
    your wings will be lost, and never again found.
    so take flight again, like all the times before.
    one day he will find you, and you will fly forevermore

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