Body Language- The Basics

Being fluent in “Body Language” is a great way to..

1. Read People/Assess Situations *cough* RECRUITMENT.

2. Help people feel comfortable (or if you’re a total sadist, make them uncomfortable)

3. Present yourself in a way that’s ideal to you.

So here are some body language rules of thumb that will help you be even more awesome, or just give you something interesting to look for when you’re in the mood to sit around and stare at people.

1. When someone rubs themselves in places like their arms or the back of their neck it means they are uncomfortable.

2. When people are blinking a lot, it means they are annoyed- or it means they have shit in their eye. Odds are, it’s the first one.

3. When someone’s pupils shrink it is a sign of fear- When pupils enlarge, it is a sign of attraction. So, you wanna know if he likes you, look into his soul windows. (Side note- People look the most attractive to others when their pupils are enlarged (hence why candle lit dinners are so “romantic.”) It’s also why animated animals have such large pupils, cause it’s so damn precious.

4. “They say” that when someone typically sleeps on their back, that is a sign of sound confidence and security in life.

5.In many situations when a woman touches her hair a lot, it means she is open to being approached by a man. So girls, remember not to touch it too much! You wouldn’t wanna look the D word- Desperate.

6. When people mirror your movements. Example-If  you just slapped your knee while laughing and the person you’re with slaps theirs too soon after, it means they enjoy being around you.

7. When someone purses their lips it means they have something to say but are using better judgement not to. This does not apply to duck lips. Unless, of course, the offender is trying to tell the world how insecure they are.

8. Palms up communicates friendship (even to animals, as long as it’s under their face) If I were you, I would remember the “under the face” tidbit, you wouldn’t wanna inadvertently have Fido thinking you’re gonna bitch slap him.

9. Putting your hands on your hips (fingers in the front) represent masculinity and dominance. When your hands are on your hips and your fingers are in the back it communicates a much lesser dominance in the individual-kind of like a false confidence thing.

10. According to “Clueless,” when couples have their legs crossed towards each other it’s a good sign, sexually. Does the fact that I learned this directly from the mouth of Alicia Silverstone’s character in “Clueless” negate it’s credibility?  Well, I thought so, leading me to research further. Apparently, legs crossed towards one another means the two are comfortable with one another.

Body language speaks for itself, whether intentional or by accident- and since it is usually unintentional, it is a great way to see what people aren’t saying. Plus, it’s the easiest language to learn-If you don’t already, pay attention to the people around you and they’ll tell you how they really feel.



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