Redbox Review- “Friends with Kids”

Review- “Friends with Kids”

If you are one of my closer friends you already know- I LOVE THIS MOVIE.


In this adorable comedy/drama a male and female best friend decide to “skip over all the marriage bullshit” and just have a kid together. Their lack of sexual attraction to one another gives them the notion that they can have a child, and then go ahead and start searching for their true loves.

Seems predictable, right?

Well, it actually ended up being a romantic comedy masterpiece (if there is such a thing). Not only was it funny, featuring the snl cast, but it was believable, well written, and truly interesting. This movie kept my attention from start to finish and not once did I think “wow, another crappy romantic comedy.” I was surprised by the lack of publicity that this movie had- It was better than any movie I have seen this entire summer. This movie is great, and leaves you feeling good in general.

By the way, the trailer doesn’t do it justice- But here it is anyway.

See Friends With Kids :)



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