Redbox Review- “Our Idiot Brother”

Review- “Our Idiot Brother”

Ok….So I had high expectations for this movie. After all, what’s cuter than Paul Rudd playing a dopey, yet, loving Hippie? Well despite any hype, this movie fell short in one large way- It wasn’t funny!

This movie is the story of Ned, the air-headed organic farmer who gets down on his luck and is forced to live with his family. Other than seeing Ned be degraded and mistreated by his family and everyone else in the movie, there is not much else that happens. You find yourself feeling sorry for Ned the whole time, and this would be tolerable once again, if the movie was actually funny. The only thing that makes it remotely watchable is the fact that Paul Rudd is such a likeable actor- But unfortunately, for this movie, his character doesn’t even allow the moviegoer to truly connect with his character, or anyone else in the movie. But to end on a positive note, I must say that this movie did have a nice moral- that moral being something along the lines of “Being good to others always leaves you and everyone else around you doing better-even if you’re a total idiot.” But for that guidance, i’d much rather just see Winnie the Pooh.

Here’s the trailer.



One response

  1. It was horrible!!! Whit loved it…..I don’t understand. During the whole movie I was like….I am wasting my liiiiiiiiiife!!! lol

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