Review- “The Dark Knight Rises”

Review-“The Dark Knight Rises”

So i’m sure 90% of the free world have seen this movie. But here is the review for anyone who wants a second (more like a millionth) opinion on this movie.

This installment of the Batman Trilogy is, in my opinion, the third best of the Batman movies. Despite being incredibly exciting, fairly sexy (with Christian Bale being EXTREMELY sexy), having a strong plot, and a great cast, I must say that the lack of believability of the movie was..distracting. The gadgets in this movie defied all logic. Also defying logic was Batman’s (Bruce Wayne’s) superhuman ability to physically recuperate- on several occasions.

Anne Hathaway did well- She was definitely better than people were expecting her to be, but the movie didn’t give the viewer as much CatWoman scenes as expected. I would have loved to see more character development on her.

Bane’s character was scary enough but I was highly annoyed by that fact was his voice was barely understandable- Oh, and don’t even get me started on that fruity/weirdo British-sounding accent. That was probably the biggest disappointment for me, by far.

Overall, it was a great movie in a sense that it entertained. It left one feeling awesome at the end simply for watching such a cool movie. I found myself wishing hours after the movie that I was watching it again. But, I have to be honest and say it did not live up to it’s predecessor, The Dark Knight, but then again, not many action movies have.

Since everyone has seen the trailer, here’s something better-




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