Movie Review: “Ted”

For those of you who know me- I had LOW expectations for this movie. I know I know, i’m like the only person who did.

But this time I was wrong :)

Ted of course, did not live up to the propaganda of “Funniest Movie of All Time,” but it did qualify as the funniest movie of the summer (being basically the only memorable comedy blockbuster of this season). Ted is cute, funny, somewhat touching, and original. Seth Macfarlane did a good job in his directorial debut- which was to be expected from the talented producer of Family Guy. The movies humor mirrored that of Family Guy except Family Guy is funnier than Ted. I felt that Ted had too much space between laughs. Also, it could have been written better. But this is not a “bad review.” I liked Ted and it is definitely worth watching- but closely toes the line of the kind of move you rent, rather then go out to see.

Now here’s a clip from Family Guy- Featuring my second favorite character, the one and only, Lois:



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