Redbox Review “Wanderlust”

Review: Wanderlust

Let me start off by saying- I never intended on watching this movie in the first place.

Wanderlust is a comedy featuring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd as a recently out of work/newly homeless couple who stumble upon a hippie commune and stay the night. The end up having such a good experience that they decide to “stay for a while.” The movie starts off slow and leaves you biting your lip asking yourself “Where are the laughs?!” Luckily, it picks up at about the quarter to halfway point and it becomes better than simple “watchable.” The thing that made the film watchable for me was the strong presence of the communes male leader. He was funny and the dynamic that his character brings to almost every aspect of the movie is slightly impressive. In short, the movie is okay breaching the lines of pretty good. It’s cute though- and it’s a good movie to watch with your boyfriend/girlfriend.


Here’s the trailer:



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