Redbox Review- 21 Jump Street

Redbox Review- “21 Jump Street”

Alright- After Jonah Hill’s performance in “The Sitter,” I had high expectations for his next role in 21 Jump Street.
High expectations were met with an average movie.

Ok- Of course this movie had a wide appeal featuring hilariously Jewish (and newly thin!) funny man Jonah Hill. Also featured was James Franco’s younger brother(more than enough to stir a buzz), as well as the infamous male exotic dancer…Channing Tatum. These actors paired with the resurrected theme of “21 Jump Street” were a marketing Jackpot, appealing to women, teenage men, as well as previous “Jump Street” fans. The movie had all the ingredients to be a winner- But it lacked the most important element of movie making- Good Writing.

The movie had a few laughs (and when I saw few, I mean not many more than 2). Also, I must say that Channing Tatum (I do feel guilty for saying this) needs to take some acting classes. He just isn’t really that believable- BUT he is likeable.

The thing that saved this movie for me was the performance by Dave Franco. He brought an element of excitement to the film that kept the audience in their seats.

Overall I must say that as an amateur critic, this movie was not my cup of tea. However, for the average movie goer just trying to see some cool actors play around together on the screen- I recommend it and give it a strong 7 out of 10. It was what I like to call pretty funny, and by no means hilarious.

Here’s the Trailor-


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