Why Breakups are Harder for Men

We’ve all been there- Breakups SUCK.

For those of us who haven’t endured the all-encompassing and soul crushing pain that is a breakup, well I’m sure your time will come. A serious breakup brings about a nagging pain that is, according to psychological study, comparable to seeing someone you love die.

We have also witnessed the friend who is going through a breakup. When a woman endures a breakup, typical behavior is as follows: Lots of food or a lack of it, sad movies, lots of distractions that don’t really distract, as well as tons of talking to their friends and of course, crying. Men on the other hand (in a typical situation) tend to do one of a few things a) attempt to sleep around, b) act as if they are totally fine or c) act reclusive. Quick question-Can you picture guys actually crying on their friends shoulders and verbally expressing their  *GASP* ….feelings?

The answer is NO.


So why are breakups harder for men? It’s simple, really. It’s because it is not socially acceptable for a man in this country to talk openly about his feelings. When a man is in a relationship, it is his girlfriend aka:  his sweet lil wifey,  that is his emotional outlet, not his dude friends. All girls know that men tell us things that they wouldn’t dare tell anyone else. Us ladies, on the other hand, have seemingly endless “girlfriends,” overly attentive acquaintances , and basically an understanding public to talk to about the breakup or….just about anything for that matter. Women are free to express, whereas men tend keep things locked in- until he finds a new girlfriend of course, in which potential for  pain lies ahead once again.

This brings me to my final point- The moment a guy begins to try and move on he is seen as an “asshole” or a “player.” Actually, this process of labeling all ex-boyfriends (and current boyfriends) as assholes pretty much starts when the relationship starts get bumpy. Men are constantly labeled as jerks during a relationship and after continuously after a breakup. HELLO, it’s not just his fault. But of course, society sees women as the weaker sex, so the blame is placed on men for the problems…But you probably aren’t reading this article to hear my views on gender equality- so let’s move on.


In a conclusive statement-  Breakups are not only hard for the person who we actually see moping, aka: the female.  The ex boyfriend who is an “asshole” or a “jerk” is just another person going through a breakup- and dealing with it in the only way that’s socially acceptable in America.


While we wait for society to advance, Here’s a pic to reinforce my article-


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