Your Friends- A Karmic explanation

Friends- Friends are Gods gift to everyone. They are the people we get in trouble with, the people we tell our weirdness to, and the people who… we actually like. 

Karma- “What goes around comes around.” “Karma’s a bitch, but only if you are.” “Let’s go to club Karma tonight.”

..Ok, maybe not that last one.

 Anyways, Karma is the intangible energy that is said to determine what happens to us. If you don’t believe in karma specifically, then let’s just call it an “earned circumstance.”  There’s no arguing with the fact that people bring things upon themselves- that’s where karma comes in. No matter what you call it, karma comes in to play in many (if not all?) aspects of our lives. If someone is a wonderful person, then usually an abundance of good things happening to them (those lucky, awesome people!). And if that person isn’t you, then get on the sweetheart train and gain yourself some good karma. We all have karma, and it affects us. On a specific note, our karma impacts the friends that we have.

There’s a saying that goes like this, “if you want to know who you are, take a look at your friends.” Think about your friends. Who are they? How do they treat others? What kind of people are they? People are attracted to people who are similar to them. If you wonder what kind of person you are, just think about what kind of people your friends are. For instance, if you are friends with all the “drama” girls (if this is so, you probably don’t know it and thus this is pointless for you, unfortunately)- BUT if you are friends with them, then you are probably one of them too. But if you think your friends have good character and tend to do right by people- then congrats, you are probably that way too.

In a concluding statement its fun to realize that your unique and special friends are a great indicator of what kind of person you actually are. Ya dig? ;)

Cheers to Karma and better yet, to good friends. 





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