Mood Maitenence

Fall is upon us and winter is creeping silently with each falling leaf. With the season developing rapidly into winter its potential for seasonal depression is also among us. I know I suffer from this inevitable downturn, but somewhere midway into winter I always turn it around and become joyful again. But this time, I don’t want to wait till winter is half over to pick myself up. This article is for those of you, who like me, have a tendency for seasonal depression.

Here are some helpful alleviation’s. 

1. You’ve heard it before but work out, work out, work out. The endorphin’s from working out last winter saved me from sleeping away the entire season.

2. Think and plan out what gifts you are going to buy for people carefully. Christmas season is among us and the more thought you put into your gifts, the more excitement you get from seeing people open them :) Mmmmm prezzies! 


4. Keep up your style. Wear the cute scarves, buy those boots you want. Yeah it may be wet outside and you may slip on sludge and bust your ass, but look good doing it. If you keep up your look, then your attitude will be less likely to swerve into apathy. 

5. Ok….I don’t ever advocate tanning except when it comes to wintertime. The UV rays in the tanning bed give you the “sunlight” that boosts your mood. 

6. Be snuggly with your friends, if that’s something you enjoy. Winter is an excuse to cuddle. Make your bed/couch as comfy as possible and sit on it with someone/a group- and make sure you’re touching somehow! Now i’m getting all excited- winter, hurry up and get here!

7. Read any books you’ve been meaning to read. For instance, my list looks something like this- “Steve Jobs Autobiography.” 

8. If you have the time- Travel! Plan a weekend or even a day to go somewhere with friends. For the Johnson City folks, Asheville is a great place :) Make plans and do something memorable :)

So, if you ever start to hear the melancholy tune that is the winter blues, the things on this list are pretty much guaranteed to help you make the most of your winter. 





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