The Opposite of Love

Loveeee. Love is the simple answer to our most complex questions, it is the heart of all religions, it is the theme for almost every song, it is the basis for some of the best and worst poetry of all time, it is the advocate of social change, it is the reason for kissing, it is the giver of purpose, and it is what moves us to do….anything and everything.

Being in love with life is something that people strive for, whether they realize it or not. Where there is love, there is abundance, even if that abundance is just in our minds. So what is the opposite of this great and powerful force that we have given the name “Love?”

Well I can tell you this- The opposite of love is most certainly NOT hate. Hate has many forms, but for the sake of this article, let’s talk about the kind of hate that stems from failed friendships/relationships. In many cases hate actually stems from….. love. Hate is the word we give for love that is unable to be expressed. If someone despises their ex, well they probably just miss them. If someone hates their old best friend, or their parents, it means that they have love that they haven’t been able to give to them. Hate is a strong form of energy, strong in the way that love is, and it doesn’t just pop up out of something as petty as simple dislike.  Think about it- have you ever truly hated someone who you never knew before? And i’m not talking about disliking or disagreeing with their values, i’m talking about Hate- the kind that shakes your bones and moves you to fury. The answer is probably no. That’s the special kind of hate we save for the one’s we love.

So now that we know that hate is not the opposite of love, what is?

The answer is indifference, aka: apathy, “blah”, “I don’t give a shit.” Indifference is the complete lack of feeling.  Indifference is a barren landscape, a blank stare, or a lack of drive to DO. Specifically, it is also that feeling many people get when they are depressed- “lack of interest in activities one usually enjoys (ahem, activities one loves!).”  It’s an emotion to stay far away from if possible. It’s better to be too passionate than to not care at all, and thus, it is better to love than to be apathetic. Choose the opposite of indifference, choose love :)


3 responses

  1. Insightful! I love the way you analyze these topics for a deeper meaning… I feel that most people do not take the time to look at life this way and as a result, end up causing themselves a lot of unnecessary hardships.. Good Job!

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