“A Walk Through the Woods.”

“A Walk through the Woods” is a fun little game to play with your friends, or with yourself. (Whispers- it’s more fun to play with your friends) 

What this is, is a series of questions. Get with a friend and have them ask you the questions. 

If you’re just way too curious, go ahead and answer the questions yourself. These questions are presented as you mentally “walk through the woods.” Be as creative with your answers as you’d like.


So you are walking through a forest- just walking along. Suddenly you see a castle.

Describe the castle- What does it look like? What is surrounding it? Tell me everything you see. 

Is the castle old or new?

So you decide to leave the castle and before you go you spot a keychain with keys on the ground. 

How many keys are on the keychain?

You begin walking away and soon you are traveling through the forest again. Suddenly you see a vase. 

What kind of vase is it? What does it look like? What is it made of? Is there anything in it?

So you leave the vase and you come across a body of water.

What kind is it? Is the water moving or still? Do you see anything in or around the water?

So you leave the body of water and come across a bear. 

Tell me about the bear. Is it a threat? How close is it? What is it doing?

So you leave the bear and you come up to a horse. 

Tell me about the horse. What color is it? What is it doing?

So you leave the horse and you come across a bridge. 

Tell me about the bridge. 

So you leave the bridge and you come across a wall in the middle of everything, blocking off the rest of the woods.

What does it look like? What do you do about the wall blocking your path?


OK- Now that you are done answering the questions, the meaning can be revealed. What you just participated in is a perception/personality test. The answers to your questions relate to the way you see things. I didn’t tell you this initially because it could have biased your answers :)

Here are the meanings:

The castle represents the way you see your life as a whole. If the castle was old, it means you have an old flame still in your heart. If the castle is new, then it means you have moved on to someone new. 

The number of keys represent how many close friends you have. (3 keys, equals 3 close friends)

The vase represents the way you view marriage. For instance, when I played this game, my vase was tiny and made of fine china…meaning that at the time I didn’t find marriage to be at the top of the priority list to say the least.

The water represents your SEX DRIVE. If the water is moving that means good things for your sexual energy. If the water was murky or shallow that represents some potential fears or problems. 

The bear represents the way you view death. If the bear was a threat, that means you fear death. If it was far away….you get the idea. Make up your own interpretation!

The horse represents the way you see your crush/significant other. If it is an all white horse you find your lover to be innocent and “good.” Once again, interpret the meaning of all the small details you or your friend gave.

The bridge represents your relationship with friends. Example: an old, strong bridge means you have had lasting friendships that hold true. On the other hand, if you saw a rickety wooden bridge well that can represent weak ties/problems in a friendship.

Lastly, the wall. The wall represents the way you deal with problems! For instance, I asked a friend what he did about the wall and he claimed that “he would simply stare at it.” That means that he doesn’t deal with his problems. When I was asked this question, I told my friend who quizzed me that “this is my vision, so i’m going to imagine a hole in the wall and walk straight through it.” I guess that means I imagine my problems aren’t there. 

So if you’re ever in the mood to have a cool conversation with someone, play this game. But remember, don’t tell the person you play with that it is a personality test, otherwise it won’t really work. 


Have fun walking through the woods :)




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