How to Spot a Liar

When someone thinks of a “Liar” usually one of two types come to mind-

1. Pathological Liar- People who lie all the time, for no apparent reason.

2. Just “regular” liars- Basically everyone’s Ex, a current lover, or your one show-off friend, etc.

On pathological lying-

Pathological lying is complex, to say the least. My only suggestion is if you think they are, then they are. 

Now to what I can really help you with: Regular Liars- It’s all in the body language.

1. When people lie they have a tendency to overcompensate with eye contact. In many situations they will stare directly into your eyes for longer than normal. This is to convince you that they are so confident that they are telling the truth that they give you full access to the “windows of their soul.”

2. …On the contrary, some people will avoid eye contact. This is more obvious and is more typical of the people who would probably describe themselves as “bad at lying.”

3. When people lie they have a tendency to touch their faces and neck a lot (especially their noses). I actually have no idea why.

4. When people lie sometimes their pitch get’s higher than normal. “Shrill” is a good word to describe it.

5. A huge indicator of a cheating lover is one who frequently accuses their partner of cheating. (Pretty typical!)

6. It is unlikely that a liar will touch their own chest area during a lie.

7. When someone is lying they will be more stiff than usual in both their body and face.

Here’s a video of comedian Louis CK- He briefly talks about lying to his young daughter, but really i’m sharing this because this clip is hilarious


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