“I’m so PISSED OFF!”- What your anger says about you

Grrrrrrrrr. Whether people get angry at you or you get angry at others, rage happens. Personally, every time I show my anger I always end up looking like a goober. Whether its saying something hateful to someone, to raising my voice, I never end up looking cooler when I get angry. It makes people look weak.

The primitive-seeming emotion that is anger has a root. There is another sneaky little emotion that we are not always aware of that causes us anger. It’s that feeling that swirls in the pit of our stomachs and narrows our eyes. Just like hate is a form of love, anger is a form of………….


Anger is totally just a subconscious way to express jealousy. Jealousy is such an embarrassing emotion to admit that it only makes sense that another one surfaces to hide it. We even hide our jealousy from ourselves, not detecting the difference between true rage and jealousy. Think of the people you find yourself growing angry with. I always get angry with people I know that neglect to talk to me. It’s because i’m jealous that they don’t need my social reassurance. I find myself thinking, “Ugh, what a snob. I can’t stand her/him.” Reality- I’m jealous that person won’t talk to me- simple as that. If I find myself feeling disdain for another, I realize now that i’m just jealous. In reverse, when I feel angry vibes from another I wonder if there is something that I have (whether it be physical or circumstantial) that I think they want.

People are so silly, it’s kind of adorable. We come up with all these ways to feel like we have the upper hand- as if the upper hand really matters all that much. I mean does it really even matter? No, not particularly. So, (isn’t “so” such a great transition word?) with all that said, there should be a moral of this article, right? The moral is this- If you’re angry, stop and think about how you really feel. If someone’s angry with you, do the same.

Kapesh? ;)



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