The Most Important Thing in LIfe

Gah, so many things are important, and then at the same time nothing is. Life is one big philosophical question after another. One question, at least for me, has always had a simple answer. That question is the title of this post- “what is the most important thing in life?” Well, happiness, of course! Happiness comes from a multitude of things, but the main thing that brings happiness is happy relationships! 

As a devout lover of psychology, I research psych every chance I get. I adore all things human and with this, comes a love for like, everyone. From my research in psychology, I have learned many times over that the quality of a persons life is directly proportional to the standing of their relationships with others. Our friends/the people in our lives are the number one source of human happiness- and emotional distress. Sometimes work gets us upset (sometimes more than just sometimes) and school can make us crazy, but what makes us even more crazy is when things aren’t right with our people. Whenever i’m dedicating time and energy to my good friends, i’m happy. 

Moral- Your friendships/relationships are of incomparable value :)

Last thought- My wonderful high school track coach told our team this quote one day. The quote stuck with me and I will always remember the quote and my coach fondly. In particular I remember exhaustively running for practice and him riding beside us on a bicycle, ironically cheering us on. He was a funny man, and he knew alot about how to be a friend. I want to share his quote about friendship.

“You know how many true friends you need?”
“Just one.”




2 responses

  1. A true friend is like a diamond, always solid, sparkly and enduring….they are rare and precious in your life…they support, encourage and help you grow and as you mature….. they are always there as a special gift of love. It does not matter if you move away because of your job, marriage or life changes …..they always greet and express joy when you met again….time is like walking through a door to the exact feeling you had when you first became friends,

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