Bucket List of a 21 Year Old

So the other day I spent an hour of my life typing up an epic bucket list for this blog here. My adorable computer thought it would be a cute prank to delete the entire thing. That’s okay, Toshiba Laptop, see if I install that Virus software you’ve been suggesting tirelessly for months!

After about a minute of intense anger and then a week of thinking about other things, I decided that the article was important enough to repeat. Here is my bucket list- and no, dancing in the rain when no one’s watching, is NOT on it. I’ve already done all that cliche stuff.

Here’s one thing first, that I have actually done.


And yes, it was AWESOME.

SO, I ask you this:


Here is what I want to do before I die :)

Go skydiving with my first friend, Allison- My terror for heights is crippling, I honestly can’t even make it to the top of the ETSU indoor rock wall, but skydiving is just something I have to do. Good thing my friend Allison has more balls than I do. BUCKLE UP BABY WERE GONNA JUMP OUT OUT OF A PLANE!

Live in New York for a short amount of time. I don’t wanna stay too long, as it may turn me into a yankee- and that’s a risk i’m not willing to take. Southern pride runs deep, like an ocean of sweet iced tea…Mmmmm.

Write a book, and a damn good one. I want it to be a bestseller. I don’t know what exactly I want to write about yet, all I know is that it’s gotta be nonfiction. I don’t have the patience for a novel….

Work on a cruise ship. Bye bye every-day life, hello WORLD!

Be interviewed on a talk show. Preferably someone cool like Ellen or maybe even Chelsea Handler- She’s Jewish too, so i’m sure we would get along great :)

Stand up for someone who truly needs it, and who can’t do it for themselves. I got your back, whoever you are!

Get a tattoo. Eh, maybe not…

Kiss a famous person- Christian Bale preferrably, but unfortunately for me, he’s married. *cries silently*

Visit Charleston. I wanna know why everyone likes it so much. Seriously, why does everyone like it so much?!

Be able at some point to list “Activist” as my full time occupation.

Name a pet Luther- after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.- my hero. I would give a kid of mine the name, but that’s too much to live up to!

Have 100 followers on this blog page, 90 more to go :)

Write an actual song, I can never finish one. I’ve written a rap, but that was just a stroke of random and unmatched inspiration.

Start and actually finish a picture of a face. I can draw faces, but I always end up getting bored and ditching the project. (Is that just me or do lots of people do that with art?)

Pet a whale. I HEART WHALES <3

Own an extremely nice camera and take extremely nice pictures.

Be someones wedding photographer :) Love is so pretty.

Be someones Maid of Honor.

Drive a motorcycle. God help me…

Own a seriously nice car. I’m thinking something red, who cares if the insurance is higher. WORTH IT.

Get a car to 100 mph. (Dad, if you’re reading this, don’t worry i’m not going to ever do it in the Hyundai, pinky promise). I’m too scared at this point to get faster than 85.

Read “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” I’ve only gotten as far as the first paragraph- but it was intriguing. Just waiting on a friend to finish the book (cough cough, Katie) :)

Grow my hair down to my waist- I wanna know what it’s like!

Just for the record, having extremely short hair is NOT on my bucket list. For those who have done it, I commend your bravery.

Write a letter to a magazing and have it published. Preferably in “Psychology Today” or even “Discover.” But hey, if they won’t publish me, maybe Cosmo will ;)

Work with an adoption agency in the U.S to promote adoption within America. All kids deserve parents!

Go to New Zealand, and stay as long as possible.

…Same goes for Ireland. Bring on the Guiness! (Actually, hold the Guiness, give me something else, no seriously, ANYTHING else!)

Go to Vegas with friends and test out the “what happens in vegas” theory…

Throw someone a kickass suprise birthday party- one for the history books.


That’s all that i’ve got for today. If you think of something awesome that’s on YOUR bucket list, leave a comment and maybe I can add it to mine. if I get enough comments maybe i’ll make a post of a collective bucket list of anyone who reads this! I wish you all the ambition and recklessness to achieve the wildest things on your bucket list :)

By the way, the one below is simply impossible to do (if you wanna kiss RIGHT) ;)




5 responses

    • Yes, Cassie, we shall ride in a hot air balloon together. Where are there hot ballons that we can hitch a ride in? BTW the things on your bucket list are hilarious. LETS GO BUCKET LISTING TOGETHER.

  1. I’ve been thinking about this since I read it right after you posted. I would say mine would be working on a creative team with Matt Stone and Trey Parker (South Park), then going over the pond to England to work with the cast and crew of Top Gear, and I hope to be known as a creative genius by the time I die. That’s my short list.

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