Things your Mother Never Told you: Genetics

I’ll start with this, the reason your mother never told you this is because she didn’t know.

Genetics are a vast network of possibilities, maybes, coulda’s, woulda’s and shoulda’s. The possibilities for human diversity and evolution are endless. Much of genetics is chance, but science shows us that some genes can be predicted based on other factors.  One thing that people have wondered about for years, is the gene connected to penis size.

Well I can tell you this- It has Nothing to do with feet size, hand size, or thumb size (seriously mom, who told you that whole thumb thing?) Current science has found no outward gene that can hint to penis size, such as the whole big feet thing. But there is one tricky and awkward thing that scientists have discovered.  A mans gene for penis size comes from his mothers father.. Aka: A mans grandpa on his mothers side.

Now come on, penis size isn’t everything. Another controversial genetic subject is intelligence. Ever wondered if intelligence is based on environment? Well, intelligence is fully genetic. Interestingly, no one can increase their intelligence, only their knowledge- which can make someone appear more intelligent if they have surpassed a more intelligent persons personal development. The only thing that can alter intelligence are major childhood events and of course, brain damage.  Events that hinder development of full intelligence capabilities of children are of course malnourishment as well as insufficient socialization. Other than that, intelligence is completely set in stone based on your parents.

But which parent?

Actually, intelligence comes from a person’s mom. See, who says men are smarter than women- All intelligence is inherited from the mother- which is unfortunate for any billionaire who has a propensity towards bimbos. If a man wants a smart kid, he needs a smart woman.

Well let’s pretend this imaginary couple just referenced had three children. Which child do you think has the best genes?
If you guessed the first, well your right. The first child gets the best genes in most cases, which doesn’t necessarily mean that the first kid is better, it just means they have more potential based on genetics. So to you middle children out there reading this, try not to go cry in a corner, it’s gonna be okay ;)

It’s good to be a nerd.