Hair- How To Get The Perfect Curls

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Out of all of the straighteners, curling devices, sock buns, and deep conditioner, I have found that there is one product that takes the cake as the best new product. This product has semi- recently come to the mainstream market and it is inexpensive (my favorite part) and easy to use, (my second favorite part).

I’m of course talking about- The Curling Wand.

For those of you who don’t know, the curling wand is simply a curling iron without the thin metal piece that clamps your hair while you curl. The wand is basically a small, hot, light saber- for lack of a better description.  You wrap the hair around the curling shaft and Wah Lah, you have the bounciest, most natural looking curls. Somehow, this device gives your hair a huge volume boost, and the curls look like summer beach waves, instead of beauty pageant/cheerleader ringlets.

I got mine from TJ Maxx for 15 dollars, and whenever I use it, people can’t stop asking me

a)     How I got my hair to look like that, and..

b)     Are those curls natural

Here’s me posing with my curling wand, and yes, the curling wand is how I got my hair to curl like that. And no, the curls are not natural ;)


I wish you all a beautiful day- Hair Included ;)


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