The Perfect Christmas Dress

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Every girl should have a pretty Christmas dress! I prefer a red or green. Blue is also beautiful, but I feel it is more of a New Year’s Eve color!

The dress- I like to go with solid colored holiday dresses. They can be easily paired with a belt and tights, without the risk of clashing prints. Another great thing about red or green is they can be paired with either black or brown! This way, you can work around the rest of your wardrobe easily to complete the outfit.

What you will need:

Solid colored dress, preferably red or green.

Belt (If your dress is green, a red belt, and vice versa)

Black or brown jacket, or if you have a random matching pea coat, that’s great too!

Either black or brown boots and tights. I find that brown looks better with green, and black looks better with red :)

This is me wearing my perfect Christmas dress:
Belt- TJ Maxx
Dress: Forever 21
Pea Coat- TJ Maxx (Originally carried at American Eagle)
Boots-Roommates closet :)

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful holiday season!


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