Winter Fashion- Black & Brown

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Winter is here, kind of. With global warming among us and a confusing pattern of randomization in weather this winter, it’s been difficult to plan outfits. But despite the state of the world, winter is the time when layering is practically a necessity and showing off skin no longer counts towards style. Now that we have to wear more clothing, matching can be more difficult.

I feel that having certain key items makes putting outfits together much less frustrating. This article will focus on two colors that it seems everyone has an opinion about: Black and Brown.

Here are the eight items that I believe every girl needs.

  1. Black coat
  2. Brown coat
  3. Opaque Black tights
  4. Opaque Brown tights
  5. Black boots
  6. Brown Boots
  7. Black belt
  8. Brown belt

These black and brown items are basics ad-ons to any winter dress, skirt, or pants. Also, you can mix and match them all, depending on your opinion of black and brown together. Many are uncomfortable with the idea. Black and brown cause a lot of controversy, style wise. But if they didn’t go together, why do reindeers have brown fur and a black nose? Fashion comes from nature, in the sense that certain colors just go together. We get our ideas of what looks good based on what the world around us presents to us through nature. So, I say wear black and brown!

But if you’re still not for it, then at least you will have all the colors so as not to run into a situation such as, “I still need a black belt to go with these black boots.”

Side note- Black, brown, and grey also look good together. Mixing neutrals is no longer a fashion crime, thank God :)


Good luck in your fashion endeavors this winter.


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