How to Wear Black Fishnets this Winter

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Fishnet stockings, typically black with holes in the shape of a fish net, have long been looked upon with raised eyebrows. But with the right outfit, they can add sex appeal and keep you warm for the winter.

Here is a guide on how to wear fishnets, tastefully, this winter-

1. Save large diamond/holed fishnets for the evening. NEVER in the day.

2. Only wear close toed shoes with fishnets.

3. Rule of thumb- The smaller the diamond/hole, the more refined. The opposite goes for the larger holed fishnets.

4. Fishnets paired with boots and legwarmers = adorable.

5. For a night out, black fishnets look great under black shorts (assuming it’s not too cold)

6. They also look great under vintage work boots.

There you have it- a few tips on how to wear fishnets. Here’s me workin’ the fishnet look. Meow!



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