New Years Eve Apparel

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New Years Eve is coming!!! And assuming that the world doesn’t end on Dec. 21st, i’m willing to bet that this New Years will be one for the history books- both literally, and in a party sense. If the people of the world make it all the way to Dec. 31st, then I can just imagine how the “we made it out alive” celebration will be.

We’ve all seen it- Silver dresses on New Years Eve, lots of sparkles, and dazzling heels. Everyone looks beautiful on New Years, and that makes it harder to stand out. Here are some tips on how to stand out this year. Wow, i’m getting excited just typing about it :)

How to Stand out on New Years Eve-

1. Wear colors like red, mint, white, or electric blue

2. Wear the heels you are too afraid to wear. (bring backup in your purse if your that worried) ;)

3.  Start whitening your teeth beforehand. Now that’s a shine you don’t earn in a day.

4. Two words- Sparkle Lotion.

5. Try and chronicle your night- Take pictures to show off of you and your awesome friends.

6. Wear a lipcolor that will last, all the way up until your New Years Eve kiss. <3

7. Have your nails looking great- You could even get some glue on’s from the grocery. Just for one night ;)

8. Make sure you have a sober ride. You don’t want to stand out because you got arrested.

9. Be an awesome friend, if you’re in a great mood, it will rub off on everyone around you.

Those are my tips. And yes I wrote 9 instean of 10. For those of you who like even numbers, try not to have a panic attack.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone :) I hope it’s the best one you’ve ever had, and that each subsequent one is better than the last.

p.s Here’s what I plan on doing. Mwah <3

new year kiss


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