Tutorial: Candy-Cane Nails

To start, I’ll ask the question; are candy canes white with red stripes, or red with white stripes? Well after thinking for a moment, I remembered that after some time they are only white- thus, they are white with red stripes.

When doing your nails the candy cane style, I suggest painting your nails red first. The reason for this is because if you were to paint it white first, there would be a possibility of the red making the white appear pink, or having the red smear into the white. Red with white stripes is much easier to “edit.”

You will also want to remember that candy cane stripes are sideways, not completely horizontal.

Now it’s time to paint! All you will need is red and white fingernail polish, and then some scotch tape.


  1. Paint nails red- let dry thoroughly
  2. Get your scotch tape and tape over the nail, leaving a sideways slit at the top of the nail exposed. The purpose of the tape is to make sure you make a straight line with the white strips
  3. You then paint over the tape
  4. Take off tape after drying for a minute
  5. Let it continue to dry
  6. Once completely dry, keep doing the tape trick until your nail looks like a striped candy cane!


If you want all that work to last, make sure to do a clear coat. Enjoy your nails! :)


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