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Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

I never really think about fashion. At least I didn’t before I chose to do an assignment specifically about winter fashion for one of my media classes. By the way, being a communication major…is the shit.

Anyways, this assignment entailed that we pick a topic, blog about it, create a short film about it and then make a website for it.

I decided to do my project on fashion. Why? Because in an uncharacteristic moment I decided that I wanted to dedicate my largest production assignment to something that I have rarely given a second thought. If I would have been in my normal frame of mind, I would have picked psychology of course, but no, not that very morning. I wanted to pick fashion and I wanted to show my local world that fashion is the most important thing there is. Well, now that I’m doing a project on it I realize that it’s probably the LEAST important thing- at least to me.

Now, Style is what’s important. THAT is the reflection of who you are. It’s not just about looking great, or being attractive. It’s about your demeanor, it’s about the way your chosen outer appearance reflects your inner beauty, or lack thereof if that’s your thing. Having style, in the sense that you have an original aura about yourself is what’s important. Fashion is cool, sure, but fashion is nothing without a stylish frame of mind. The most fashionable person in the world wouldn’t be so if they didn’t have a particular and original sense about themselves.

So when trying to appear fashionable, remember that you want to reflect to the world something beautiful- yourself.




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