Ombre Nails- Tutorial

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Ombre. For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, ombre is the recent fashion trend of Fading colors. Oh, and the correct spelling is actually “ombre” not “hombre.”  Ombre is actually a french word meaning shaded. For example, ombre hair is when it is dark at the top and fades gradually to a blonde towards the bottom.

This post is about ombre nails, in which the nail color fades gradually to another color. I’m glad I found this tutorial, because before I found it, I had some pretty wack attempts at fading nail color.

This video will ensure that you know how to do a pretty ombre look on your nails.

Colors I recommend for ombre nails this winter-

Gold fading into red

Silver fading into blue

Gold fading into green

Have fun everyone!


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