Braids are Beautiful

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Braids really are beautiful. Braids are a simple way to make your hair interesting. There are thousands of ways to use braids to create that effortless yet exciting look.

Here are a couple of ideas that I find stunning.

The first is a braided bun. This particular braid is unique because it is a “goddess braid” in which the braid is actually a twist. The braided bun with a goddess braid is slightly harder to achieve simply because the twist comes undone easier. To secure the goddess braid you will need alot of bobby pins.

But if you want to do the look with a regular braid, simply leave a piece of hair hanging away from the rest of your hair when you put it in a bun. The thickness is up to you, depending on how thick you want your braid.

goddess braid









This next look is beautiful and can be achieved with longer hair. Just take a thick piece of hair from just behind and below your ear and braid all the way around your head- being sure to secure with bobby pins. Once braided, it’s up to you whether you want to leave the rest of your hair down or put it up!










Braids look great in both the summer and winter- so if you’re too lazy to wear your hair down, and too prideful to throw it in a bun, I recommend a pretty braid.


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