Perfume- Smell like a Vixen

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Mmmmm. Perfume Aka: Fake Pheremones. I LOVE perfume. Getting a new perfume can totally boost your confidence and turn heads (hopefully the heads aren’t turning to cough) Too much perfume is a problem, but not enough perfume is just…no fun.

Here is a list of perfumes that I find To Die For this season.

Bebe By Bebe. This can be conveniently found at TJMaxx. It literally took my breath away it smelled so good. Too bad there was only one left at the store and my cousin was in need of a Chanukkah present. Hopefully that puts me on the good list this year and Santa will get me some :)











Addict by Dior. My mother used to own this until it mysteriously started getting emptier (psst, it was because I was secretely using it).  Seriously though, It is probably the hands down sexiest perfume I have ever smelled.









Rose The One, by Dolce and Gabbana. A gorgeous scent spiraled off from Dolce and Gabbanas “The One.” This is a very feminine scent that will make you want to deep breathe.









All of these perfumes are great for winter. I find all of them to smell sophisticated and potent. Summer scents tend to be lighter and more fruity. These winter scents are seriously breathtaking :)


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