What’s Hott- Lots of Rings

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Rings have always been my favorite type of jewerly. Here’s why- a) they can be passed down through generations b) hands are incredibly important c) you can mix and match tons of rings d) rings/metal jewerly hold alot of energy (physics wise, this is cool, and feels spiritual somehow)

So what else is there to say trend wise besides wear rings? Well actually there is something to say. This winter the trend that I notice gathering momentum is wearing multiple rings. And when I say multiple, I mean at lease three rings on each hand. It is even trendy to layer rings on top of other rings. I’ve been doing this trend, and suprisingly it has an effect on my mood. Wearing multiple rings make me feel powerful and strong. Perhaps it’s because I have alot of meaningful rings, or maybe it’s just because they can also be seen as stylish brass knuckles. Either way, it’s asexy look – especially if you have pretty nails. Actually, grungy nails even look good with multiple rings. With grungy nails, the multiple ring look makes one look thoughtful and artsy. With perfect nails and alot of rings one appears very well groomed.

Try the look. Just don’t go digging through the mountainous 5 dollar movie bin at Wal-Mart with loose rings. I did this the other day and suddenly felt a sapphire ring of mine slipping off only to notice that the ring my dad gave me as a young child had slipped off. (Greg, my dad by adoption, gave me this ring when he proposed to my mom with the words “will you be my daughter?”) So, you can guess my reaction when I noticed its absence- Sheer Panic. Luckily, a calm bystander/employee came by and seemingly by magic put her hand in there and found the ring within one minute.

Just lucky I guess :) p.s Wear lots of rings




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