How to Juggle- As in, your Life

Let me start of by saying- Damn.

I have this “Theory”-The older we get, the less time there is for everything. An hour used to feel like eternity, when now it feels like 5 minutes. What is UP with that?

As college students we have a long list of things to commit to- Here are a few of them: Internships, Work, Finding housing, Paying our bills on low paying jobs, Finding out who we want to be, Thinking about our future career, Building our resumes, Dating people, Actually having friends, and….the whole school thing.

After a mini breakdown today involving the copious aspects of my personal and professional life- I called the one who knows all, the Omniscient, the Queen-AKA: Mom.

After an enlightening conversation with her- I decided to do today’s blog post as a list on juggling the aspects of your life (successfully):

I bring you: How to Juggle YOUR LIFE.

1. “You can only focus on one thing at a time.” In the moment, choose JUST ONE thing that you want to focus on- whether that be searching for an internship, doing that homework you’ve been putting off, or making plans with that friend you’ve been putting on the backburner for too long. Live in the moment- Pick one thing and as Nike would say, Just Do It.

2. Chill out on the social media. If you are on Facebook for more than 30 minutes randomly throughout the day- then stop complaining that you’re so stressed and get the hell off. Oh, and for those of you who want to be visible in the Twitter-verse, remember, 5-10 tweets a day should do the trick.

3. Keep your house/room clean. If you live in an environment that is clean, it will help you keep your head feeling that way too. Oh, and for clarification, by “clean” I mean clear. There’s nothing wrong with having a dirty mind occasionally :) After all, we’re all human right? ;)

4. If you’re not going to bed too late- Wake Up Earlier. Rushing in the morning only causes a hurried vibe for the rest of the day. If you take your time to wake up and present yourself accurately, you are setting yourself up for success and clarity.

5. If you are dating someone and you aren’t on the same page- Get There. Honesty with the people we care about saves a whole lot of time. If you’re not looking for anything serious, tell them. If you are wanting to be serious and they aren’t giving it to you, then pull away. Prioritize people based on 2 things- First and foremost their worth in your eyes, and Second, keep close attention to where they prioritize you. Just because you are someone’s top prioroty doesn’t mean you have time to make them yours. Key word: Honesty.

6. Go ahead and be building relastionships with your professors while you can. When it comes time for a recommendation letter, it’s going to be a lot easier if you have been speaking with your teachers each day after class. It only takes a minute a day of your time, but it means the world to them- and eventually it could mean a good recommendation letter for you.

7. Have a purpose for every day. Write down EXACTLY what you need to do each day, be realistic and do it.  Personally, I think of all my mini accomplishments at the end of each day and file them into my “master list” of building accomplishments.

8. Lastly, rememember to take things step by step. Important things take time, so work a little towards the things that matter every day (landing the internship, building your resume ect.) and you should be on your way to success. After all, you’re doing something right- you’re trying.




Have a successful week.

XOXO Rachel


For Girls- How to Decorate your room for Free

We all want it. A beautiful bedroom. Websites such as Pinterest flood our minds with BOOKOOS (did I spell that right?) of ideas.

Personally, I ain’t got time for that.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The list below gives ideas on pretty-ing up your space for less that 5$ or free.

The List:

1. If you have old Christmas lights-use them. A great way to change moods within your room is to have good control of your lighting.  I literally found Christmas lights in the backseat of my car (how the hell they got there is beyond me) and now I use them for night lighting. My Style of use I wrapped my lights around a sheer fabric and draped it over my bed. It’s quite pretty.

2. Have any antique or old fashioned styled suitcases or boxes? You can use these as a pretty drawer on display.  You can put old books, lingere, socks, accessories or whatever else you find appealing into your antique suitcases or box. Don’t have any antique ones? That’s fine- your everyday ones can look good too. My style of use- I use my red antique suitcase as a lingere drawer.

3. Have curtains that just hang there? Personally, I got tired of darkness and unnatural lighting. If you don’t have a curtain holding hook on the wall (there has got to be another word for that) then take ribbon and tie it around the middle of your curtain. It lets the light shine through, it’s easy to untie, and its presh. My Style of use- I braided a soft pink ribbon and a beige ribbon together and tied them around my curtains.

4. Are you a candle person? Melted/melting candles can be used as a homey decoration-giving your room a lived-in feel. My Style of use- I have antique candelsticks holding two very drippy candles.

5. Get some things hanging. Nails at Wal-Mart cost 2$ for a pack of around 10. When hanging remember, small walls take small pictures and big walls take big ones. My style of use- Besides my array of pictures, I have an antique (what is it with me and antiques today?) dress hanging from a fancy hanger on one of my medium walls. Pweeetyy.

6. Have a favorite song, poem, monologue or exerpt? Type it up (make it look nice using font, colors etc.) and frame it. My Style of use- My sorority has a poem “Sigma Kappa is…” that I will soon be displaying in a large picture frame on the wall.

7. Your bed is the most important part of your room. Layering blankets can give your room an image of luxury. My Style of use- I throw my prettiest blankets at the lower half of my bed. I then put my pillows on the wall side, instead of at the head of the bed.

By the way, here’s a pretty room using the bed lighting I was talking about.

pretty room

Happy decorating, girlies!

XOXO Rachel

How NOT to act on Social Media

Hello everyone- Oh how I’ve missed blogging on here. This blog began as a bored night, became a hobby, then a class assignment and then just another deserted website site.

Well, i’m back, and back consistently. Lets say it again,  21Serendipity is back in business :) New posts will be every Wednesday. I will also be accepting suggestions for blog posts :)

Today’s suggestion was- How NOT to act on Social Media. Let me start off by saying that we’ve all done it- the selfie, the mirror pic, the bitch post. The self indulgent world that is internet socializing (Also known as “micro” blogging) offer us an opportunity to be ourselves- without anyone actually in front of us. Our online selves, are sometimes the selves that we would normally try and hide from others. Needless to say, this level of comfort is taken too far by some of our less mature online “friends.”

Oh, and by the way, i’m not saying i’m the perfect poster either. I definitely had a selfie as my profile picture last month.

This is how NOT to act on Social Media-

10. Ladies, don’t talk about how many guys hit on you. Once in a while i get it, but more than twice a week is enough to make me unfollow you- or just keep following you so I can roll my eyes at your self-indulgent posts. Ah, i’m glad I got that one off my chest.

9. Don’t inadvertently talk bad about your friends on twitter. I know, I know, sometimes you just want your frienemy to know how much they suck, but here’s the catch; When you post about them, most of your online friends usually don’t even know it’s about them, BUT they do know that you are being kind of a psycho.

8. Two words: Mirror Pics. Actually, three words: NO MIRROR PICS :) You know that though, right? :)

7. Don’t bad mouth your ex. If you don’t understand why, i’ll let you know here. When you do that, it tells them and the whole world NOT that you hate them, but instead…that you miss them terribly.

6. If I were you, I would edit your “about me” if it says anything about “Dancing in the rain,” “Dancing like no one’s watching,” or “Well behaved women rarely make history.” Why the first two? Well, because everyone’s heard that quote a bazillion times. Why the last one? Because Marilyn Monroe didn’t actually say that, a woman names Laurel Thatcher Ulrich did. Oh, and not to mention we’ve all heard that quote a trillion times too.

5. Adding on to #4, In general, overused quotes and cliches take away your unique appeal. You want to be different, right? :)

4. Dudes, if I see a picture you took of your own abs, it pretty much negates the fact that you even have them. I think most women agree. The exception: Workout Log posts, anddd Channing Tatum.

3. It can be endearing when you occasionally post a pic of your extra cute outfit or awesome hair day- key word being: Occasionally.

2. Negative posts are fine- but when EVERY post is just you bitching, i’m thinking…wow, whaddabitch.

1. Don’t ever set your relationship status as “it’s complicated” Want an explanation? I can’t give you that. It’s complicated.

Oh, and unrelated question: Can I get an Amen on this Meme?


Thanks for reading. Hope you have a fantastic, Wednesday, and of course, Thursday (aka; Valentines Day.) See you next Wednesday evening, and oh, happy posting :)

XOXO rachel