Movie Review: The Purge


Movie Review: The Purge


This movie, featuring the F’ed up concept of America as a country that allows free-for-all crime for one night a year for 12 hours, tells the story of a wealthy family’s fight to ward off an interesting and creepy set of unlikely intruders. Definitely in the thriller category as opposed to horror, I was pleased with the film visually, but would have liked for the intruders to have been slightly creepier. The film’s advertised imagery is reminiscent of “The Strangers,” but The Purge is definitely in a different category. Featuring less creepy and more intensity, the film mostly elicits shock and excitement from the viewer rather than fear.

The film moves at a steady pace, building up to the imminent standoff between the films protagonist family and the young, rich and sociopathic intruders. The lead intruder, a relatively unknown actor by the name of Rhy’s Wakefield, displayed acting skill that was- surprising. His performance would be Oscar worthy, if the Oscars ever considered thrillers for awards. I predict a bright future for this young actor.

Another surprise about the movie was the eliciting of raucous cheers from the crowd during fight scenes in which the protagonists definitely open up a can of audience appreciated whoop ass.

The movie is unpredictable (which is saying something), features excellent acting, has an interesting concept, and is fun to watch. The Purge makes for an excellent date movie, group movie, or friend movie. It’s worth seeing in theatres, and the lingering tension in the theatre after the film is priceless. It felt as if everyone was somehow mentally changing gears back to the real world where killing people just for the hell of it is not a part of society.

Here’s the trailer-


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