Movie Review: The Heat

The Heat is a new movie starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as two starkly opposite cops who are forced to work together as a team. With two actresses seasoned in comedy, I must say that I was concerned when I didn’t laugh during the trailer for the movie.

I was also concerned when during the first 10 minutes of the movie went by without even a giggle. But, I soon realized, that the only reason I wasn’t laughing was because Melissa McCarthy hadn’t yet made her debut.

Once McCarthy’s character, being a rugged, overweight, offensively verbal and borderline psychopathic cop, came on the screen (about 10 minutes in), the entire audience was rolling. And when I say “rolling,” I literally mean people were laughing so hard that the occasional snort was not uncommon.  I’ll admit I snorted audibly at least 4 times- and I’m not even a snorter.

On top of the comedy were surprising plot twists that added necessary detail and thought to the film. My only critique is the seeming impossibility of the events of one scene in particular near the films closing, but to the average viewer, one would barely think twice about the scenes outcome. I guess you would call this particular critique, a flaw in screenwriting. But hey, it’s a comedy, who cares if it makes perfect sense?

This movie is worth your time, but I do suggest seeing a matinee. This is the kind of movie that will kick start your day and have you feeling happy for the rest of it.

Here’s a cute pic of the actresses at the Premier- Looks like they are friends off screen too :)



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