How to Make a Difference: Part 1

How to Make a Difference: Part 1


Let me start of by saying, making a difference doesn’t mean you have to go out and be a world leader or ship off to Africa- but if that’s what you’re after, that’s cool too. In the meantime for all you everyday heroes out reading because you want to make a difference, look no further than where you are now. Remember, you don’t have to just watch touching stories of helping others and encouragement- you can create those stories.

I have comprised a small list of ways to make a difference in the lives of the people around you. Now, if you wondered why this post is labeled as “Part 1,” it is because this list is specific towards helping others by means of encouragement as well as friendship. A later list is to follow featuring other ways we can make a difference :)

And now, I present to you, How to Make a Difference: Part 1

1.I think we all can agree that kindness is not evenly distributed between youth and elders. So, be DIFFERENT, and compliment older people- on more than just their clothes or jewelry. Compliment their pretty smile or their general good looks. I can’t imagine how wonderful it would feel to be told I was beautiful if I hadn’t heard it in 10 years.  So, next time you see a shining smile or a twinkling eye of an older person, by golly,tell them :)

2.On top of complimenting older people, we can also complement people who probably don’t receive a lot of compliments. It sometimes seems that these little encouragements are saved up for certain “all around awesome” people, doesn’t it? Sure, build those people up too, but remember to also compliment people who you feel are overlooked. Affirmation is a powerful way to build people.

3. When someone gets you a gift or does something awesome for you, write them a thank you card. Kroger sells Thank You notes in bulk packs for just 2 bucks ;)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

4. Do you sometimes look around and wonder what you could be doing with your time? Do you have a loving heart? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you could benefit from volunteering. You wouldn’t BELIEVE the amount of lonely hearts there are at nursing homes, animal shelters, and other facilities accepting volunteers. Wonderful people like YOU with time on their hands are overlooking this option to make a difference. Sure, it looks great on a resume, but that’s an insignificant bonus when compared to how it can help both you and the people you’re helping.

5. You know that person that always seems lonely or seems to have difficulty making friends? Befriending this person is a great way to open the door for them to have the confidence to hopefully make more friends. No one wants to be lonely, so help a brother or sister out!


Thanks for reading- Have a wonderful evening :)


The Pros and Cons of Dating Younger Guys

We’ve all done it. Actually no, we haven’t. For whatever reason there is a certain breed of young woman that preys after even younger men. But don’t jump to conclusions just yet, this woman isn’t a Cougar, she’s a Puma.


For those of you who don’t know, a puma is the same as a cougar, except she’s not old enough to be a cougar yet- thank God for her. For quick clarification, an example of a cougar would be Samantha Jones from Sex and the City whereas an example of a puma would be someone like Mariah Carey. Mmm, get it girl.


As a woman of 22 years of age, I have been blessed with the experience of dating both older and younger guys. I think most girls stick to dating older guys, so I felt the need to enlighten them and whoever else is interested on what its like dating a younger man! So, if you’re thinking about dating a younger beau or you just want to see what it was like for me, then read on, girls and boys.

The Pros and Cons of Dating Younger Guys

Let’s start with the pros shall we?

Pro#1-On a more superficial note, younger guys tend to have great hair. As a girl that loves good hair, I’m delighted when a guy has healthy, thick locks. I feel crazy even putting this as the first pro, but it’s part of why a young man(e) is a good thing.

Pro#2- Since the younger generation has been exposed to more at an earlier age, it is a surprisingly natural experience relating to younger men. They tend to be educated on current cultural trends, and just as intellectual as their older competition- Then again, that could just be the type that I attract, but I digress.

Pro#3- They are willing and eager to please.

Pro#4- I don’t know if it’s just me, but younger guys are so sweet, and I’m talking suhhhweeeet. Personally I think it’s because they haven’t been tarnished by too many women who were either too easy or who relentlessly broke their hearts. They still have a bit of innocence left, which is so damn endearing.

Now, for the dark side.

Con#1- Since they are younger and single, it’s a high probability that they have just recently ended things with their first loves- and by recent I mean within the year. And just in case a reminder is necessary, the end of first love is a pain so great that it has literally been equated with experiencing the death of a loved one. Since the imminent break up between a young man and his first love (who by default is searing competition) is typically still fresh, the younger male has a tendency to have lingering thoughts about her. Sometimes younger guys are still in the stage where they will occasionally still see their exes and reopen that same door to nowhere. This is obviously a major setback.

Con#2– Let’s face it, the younger you are, the higher the probability is that your relationship won’t last. I don’t mean this to be ageist or cynical, but rather as realistic. Think about yourself at 19 or 20- and then think about all the people you dated or had feelings for in between. When you date younger men, it’s like you’re going back in time to yourself at that age, and that’s not always a good thing when it comes to commitment.

I hope this list sheds some insight as to some things you may notice about dating someone younger. If we are being real though, remember that this list only reflects my personal experience. Boys will be boys, despite their age, and that includes both good things and bad. I’ll end on this note and say that I believe the true worth of a man is not in his age, but in his character, obviously :)

And remember everyone, to guard that PRECIOUS heart of yours, because it is without the shadow of a doubt the most valued commodity you have. I hope you have a LOVING day!


XOXO Rachel

Movie Review: The Heat

The Heat is a new movie starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as two starkly opposite cops who are forced to work together as a team. With two actresses seasoned in comedy, I must say that I was concerned when I didn’t laugh during the trailer for the movie.

I was also concerned when during the first 10 minutes of the movie went by without even a giggle. But, I soon realized, that the only reason I wasn’t laughing was because Melissa McCarthy hadn’t yet made her debut.

Once McCarthy’s character, being a rugged, overweight, offensively verbal and borderline psychopathic cop, came on the screen (about 10 minutes in), the entire audience was rolling. And when I say “rolling,” I literally mean people were laughing so hard that the occasional snort was not uncommon.  I’ll admit I snorted audibly at least 4 times- and I’m not even a snorter.

On top of the comedy were surprising plot twists that added necessary detail and thought to the film. My only critique is the seeming impossibility of the events of one scene in particular near the films closing, but to the average viewer, one would barely think twice about the scenes outcome. I guess you would call this particular critique, a flaw in screenwriting. But hey, it’s a comedy, who cares if it makes perfect sense?

This movie is worth your time, but I do suggest seeing a matinee. This is the kind of movie that will kick start your day and have you feeling happy for the rest of it.

Here’s a cute pic of the actresses at the Premier- Looks like they are friends off screen too :)


A Step by Step Guide to Dealing with: Commitment Issues

My friends, I must begin by saying, this blog entry is not about relationship commitment issues. But since I mentioned it, it does seem in the dating world that people are either wayyyyy too committed or not nearly enough.

This entry is to help deal with General Issues with Commitment- as in, can’t make a decision or can’t stick with a decision, kind of people.

The problem is this-As American’s, we have wayyy too many options for where to live, who to date, what to believe, how to spend our money, what to read, where to work, HOW TO SPEND OUR TIME…. The list could go on longer than a years worth of dull movies.

Many of us would agree, myself leading the pack, that committing is hard not because we are afraid of success, but because we all want to be happy, and we don’t know exactly which path will bring us the greatest happiness.Truthfully, I can barely commit to finishing a book because I don’t know if it will be the “perfect book for me.” There aren’t many names for this collective feeling of non-commitment, but I like to think of it as Societal ADD, or simply Commitment Issues.


If you’ve ever felt this way, read on for some insight on How To Deal with commitment issues in order to help you obtain your greatest happiness. Remember this, committing to something does not mean that you will be stuck with your decision forever, it only means that you are signing up for a meaningful experience. At least with commitment as opposed to non-commitment, you are doing something with a degree of involvement instead of wading in the tepid, and eventually murky, pool of options.

How to Make a Commitment and Stick to it

Step 1- Think about your priorities. Do you want a gorgeous spouse and eventually a big happy family? Do you want an awesome career and then potentially the family? Do you want to travel? Do you want to help others in a big way, such as by being a missionary? Newsflash-There are TONS of options. The take away point from this step is to PRIORITIZE. Think about what is most important and the few things following closely behind in 2nd and 3rd, and work towards obtaining those priorities, with special attention given to the top priority. Just think about what gives you fulfillment, and work your commitments around doing the things that fulfill you.

Step 2- Write those priorities down. Put them in a place where you can see them and work towards achieving your goal. Remember, this is just a commitment, not a stone carving in the history books.

Step 3- Visualize yourself in the life that you have committed to achieving. If you want this commitment to come true (which you do, because it’s better than just waiting for something to happen) then you need to imagine yourself becoming what you have committed to.

Step 4- WHEN IN DOUBT, remember all the things you’ve committed to in the past. Think about the benefits you have gained from committing, such as learning a new skill, doing great at work, bettering yourself. When you are committed, your head is in the game, as opposed to staring off into space- which is what causes some people to miss our on their lives.

Step 5- Once you’ve obtained your goal, there’s always a million more things to either think about or to actually commit to. Only you can choose which option is best for you. In the meantime, if you’re having a hard time choosing your next path, you can always refer to these 5 steps.

Written by your friend, Rachel Goodman; Blogger, Server, and reformed Commitophobe.

A Letter to Mom


From witnessing my first steps to assisting me with all the rest, it seems the work of a Mom is comparable to being on call 24/7. Mom, I don’t know if it is really possible for me to thank you for all the things you have done for me. From deciding to give birth to me, to working 70 hours a week as a single mom, to finding Dad for us, to paying for everything for a fourth of my life (with Dad’s help of course!),  and somehow not disowning me during my teenage years, it seems that you have done more for me than anyone else ever has or could.

It is hard to imagine taking the position of a mom: Unpaid with no tangible benefits except for a child that hopefully appreciates you. Well, I’m glad that I get to be your daughter, because you are probably the coolest and most exceptional mom I could ask for. I want you to know that I appreciate you both as a mother and just as a person. You’re down to earth enough to hang with my friends, you’re beautiful enough to reassure my boyfriends that if they marry me I’ll become even prettier, you’re strong enough to work for what you want and deserve, and most importantly, you are gutsy enough to push me to be the best I can be. Some people have a mom that accepts and praises everything their child does- but not me. I have a mom who gives me credit when its deserved, sometimes just cause I want it, but always staying true by always reminding me what I’m capable of. You are so beautiful and you have touched the lives of so many people by always being kind and honest with others. You are constantly growing by helping others do the same.

I have two words for you that I think you and most moms should hear more of: Thank you. Thank you so much, not just for one specific thing, but for everything, because if it weren’t for you, I would be nothing.

Love you to the sky and back,


P.s I know you love quotes, so here’ s one I think you’ll like :)

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.” -Gandhi —-Made me think of you always say to “Walk the Walk” :) Love you.


8 Things I’ve Learned from Rock Climbing

8 Things I’ve learned from Rock Climbing

Ain’t it funny how the things that scare you the most sometimes end up being the things that rock you to your core in the best of ways- and yes, there was an opportunity for a climbing pun, and I took it. Moving right along.

I remember the first time I tried to climb the ETSU Indoor rock wall. With a crippling fear of heights I decided to try my hand on the easiest route on the rock wall- Level One. With the strongest guy I knew at the time being my “catch” aka: the one holding the rope, I felt pretty safe- until I got halfway up. I momentarily decided to look down from my climb, noticing my catcher looking freakishly small from my new perspective. In that same moment I look over and see that one of my former flames happens to be standing below watching me rather intently. My fear of heights paired with his scrutiny led to one thing- Panic. Fear became me and big crocodile tears started flowing down my silly cheeks. “Let me down!” is all I could muster to scream at the person catching me. After some encouragement from him that didn’t really work at all, he finally resorted to these choice words, “I’ll only let you down if you tell me you love me and call me baby!” In retrospect, I guess that was his idea of something that I wasn’t willing to say, but he obviously didn’t know the extent of my fear and embarrassment.  I was mildly defiant at first, but as you can guess, I pretty quickly ended up desperately choking out the words “Baby, I love you.” The climb then ended anticlimactically with me being lowered in shame to the ground. There was no intense moment of turn around, I didn’t turn into a superhero, and I definitely didn’t plan on ever coming back.

Fast forward to two years later- Second semester of my senior year in college. There I was still at ETSU, still trying to decide what the hell I wanted to do with my life (still trying to decide), and I had one year left to figure out…like, everything.  After taking 21 credit hours’ worth of finals and seeing myself through a failed romance, I needed a new purpose. I needed inspiration. I then made the strange and random decision to come back to the rock wall.

There’s something strange about trying rock climbing. There’s this saying I hear among climbers that “people get bitten by the climbing bug,” and suddenly they can’t stop climbing. Well my name is Rachel Goodman, and I am addicted to climbing. *crowd then murmurs*“Hi Rachel.”

Without further semi-inspirational self-indulgent back story, I give you a list of eight things that I have learned from the rock wall- and how ironically yet appropriately, getting to the top of a rock wall has helped me learn lessons about how to look at life.

8. Everyone has different advantages and disadvantages. When climbing you see that taller people sometimes have an easier time reaching holds, but shorter climbers may have an easier time with balance. In life, we all personally have inherent things about us or our situations that make things easier and harder for us. Each of us has them, and that’s something to remind ourselves of whenever we feel the compulsion to judge/compare ourselves to others.

7. Just because something looks easy doesn’t mean it is. Watching someone climb to the top of the rock wall, at least for me personally, is disheartening. Now hear me out, I feel this way because for some reason, at least to me, indoor rock climbing looks easy- and the show off in me wants everyone to see how hard it is. The truth is, it’s difficult, and some people just make it look easy because they do it with control. So when you see someone who seems to have “it all figured out,” well, chances are they went through a lot to get there- and they are probably still struggling to get to an even higher place.

6. If something you want seems out of reach, go for it anyway. I learned this while climbing routes in which holds (the things on the rock wall you grab to climb) seemed literally impossible to reach. I would look up to see only one hold available, and from my view it seems to be at least 5 feet above my reach. At first I was afraid of falling as a result of not reaching the hold, but I realized that if I didn’t go for it, there was no way to advance. So when you have something that you want, go for it with everything in your power. You may get exactly what you are reaching for.

5. You are stronger than you think. As a matter of a fact, you are much stronger than you think. When you climb that rock wall enough times in a row, your arms begin to feel like jello and your hands get so tired that squeezing an egg with all your might probably wouldn’t break it. I remember one time I was on the wall and I simply could not get to the top of this particular route. I kept reaching for this one hold that seemed so far away, and frustratingly, my hand kept slipping off when I would finally get a grasp of it. But, I was determined. I tried over 10 times to reach this hold, my arms were practically dead weight, and I could feel frustration, anger and exhaustion seeping in all at once.  But for some reason I didn’t give up, and you know what- I did it. I kept trying and I kept pushing and I finally got to the top of that route- in that same day. After all my strength was depleted, I told myself that I was not getting off of that wall until I got to the top, and that’s exactly what this girl did. Boo Ya.

4.  Just a little encouragement literally changes outcomes. One day I decided it would be fun to try a route that was way out of my league, just because someone encouraged me to do so. So, for shits and giggles I decided to try it. Throughout my entire time trying (and failing), my encourager was relentlessly making me try again. After each fall, he insisted that I get back up. Well, after about 10 minutes of trying, I was literally almost half way up the wall and only one difficult move away from getting past the hardest part of the route. I owe it all to his simple encouragement.

3. Anger makes you weaker. I had no idea how much it depleted my body until I decided to start getting angry while dangling from the rock wall. When I’m on a difficult climb and my frustration turns into foul language and random thrashing in midair, I know that I’m not going to get to the top of the wall that day. I’ve learned, that getting mad, helps absolutely nothing and in fact, it causes the opposite of what you want to occur- in climbing, that’s the inability to get to the top of the wall. In life, it hinders productivity in the same way.

2. Listen to the people watching you from a different perspective. Sometimes your catcher or observers from the ground will throw you some advice while you struggle on the wall. Listen to it. Just because you listen to it doesn’t mean you have to do it. Hear the advice, imagine what it would do if used, and move forward with a plan- whether or not it includes their suggestions. Just remember, sometimes they can see things that you can’t.

1. It’s never too late to try something new. The things that I adore most are the things that I didn’t even THINK to try. I think that sometimes we all get so into our routines that we think we are happy/stimulated when really we are in autopilot, or zombie status. Who wants to spend their lives in the drone of consistency? I don’t. My advice to those who agree with me is to go out and Try the weirdest thing imaginable. Wake yourself from zone of consistency and comfort that we all fall into. Think of something, anything. And if you don’t have any ideas, you can use mine, and come to the wall.

Summer ETSU Rock Wall Hours are Monday through Friday 4 until 7 Outdoors- Indoor wall is open only when it rains.Image

Movie Review: The Purge


Movie Review: The Purge


This movie, featuring the F’ed up concept of America as a country that allows free-for-all crime for one night a year for 12 hours, tells the story of a wealthy family’s fight to ward off an interesting and creepy set of unlikely intruders. Definitely in the thriller category as opposed to horror, I was pleased with the film visually, but would have liked for the intruders to have been slightly creepier. The film’s advertised imagery is reminiscent of “The Strangers,” but The Purge is definitely in a different category. Featuring less creepy and more intensity, the film mostly elicits shock and excitement from the viewer rather than fear.

The film moves at a steady pace, building up to the imminent standoff between the films protagonist family and the young, rich and sociopathic intruders. The lead intruder, a relatively unknown actor by the name of Rhy’s Wakefield, displayed acting skill that was- surprising. His performance would be Oscar worthy, if the Oscars ever considered thrillers for awards. I predict a bright future for this young actor.

Another surprise about the movie was the eliciting of raucous cheers from the crowd during fight scenes in which the protagonists definitely open up a can of audience appreciated whoop ass.

The movie is unpredictable (which is saying something), features excellent acting, has an interesting concept, and is fun to watch. The Purge makes for an excellent date movie, group movie, or friend movie. It’s worth seeing in theatres, and the lingering tension in the theatre after the film is priceless. It felt as if everyone was somehow mentally changing gears back to the real world where killing people just for the hell of it is not a part of society.

Here’s the trailer-

How to Juggle- As in, your Life

Let me start of by saying- Damn.

I have this “Theory”-The older we get, the less time there is for everything. An hour used to feel like eternity, when now it feels like 5 minutes. What is UP with that?

As college students we have a long list of things to commit to- Here are a few of them: Internships, Work, Finding housing, Paying our bills on low paying jobs, Finding out who we want to be, Thinking about our future career, Building our resumes, Dating people, Actually having friends, and….the whole school thing.

After a mini breakdown today involving the copious aspects of my personal and professional life- I called the one who knows all, the Omniscient, the Queen-AKA: Mom.

After an enlightening conversation with her- I decided to do today’s blog post as a list on juggling the aspects of your life (successfully):

I bring you: How to Juggle YOUR LIFE.

1. “You can only focus on one thing at a time.” In the moment, choose JUST ONE thing that you want to focus on- whether that be searching for an internship, doing that homework you’ve been putting off, or making plans with that friend you’ve been putting on the backburner for too long. Live in the moment- Pick one thing and as Nike would say, Just Do It.

2. Chill out on the social media. If you are on Facebook for more than 30 minutes randomly throughout the day- then stop complaining that you’re so stressed and get the hell off. Oh, and for those of you who want to be visible in the Twitter-verse, remember, 5-10 tweets a day should do the trick.

3. Keep your house/room clean. If you live in an environment that is clean, it will help you keep your head feeling that way too. Oh, and for clarification, by “clean” I mean clear. There’s nothing wrong with having a dirty mind occasionally :) After all, we’re all human right? ;)

4. If you’re not going to bed too late- Wake Up Earlier. Rushing in the morning only causes a hurried vibe for the rest of the day. If you take your time to wake up and present yourself accurately, you are setting yourself up for success and clarity.

5. If you are dating someone and you aren’t on the same page- Get There. Honesty with the people we care about saves a whole lot of time. If you’re not looking for anything serious, tell them. If you are wanting to be serious and they aren’t giving it to you, then pull away. Prioritize people based on 2 things- First and foremost their worth in your eyes, and Second, keep close attention to where they prioritize you. Just because you are someone’s top prioroty doesn’t mean you have time to make them yours. Key word: Honesty.

6. Go ahead and be building relastionships with your professors while you can. When it comes time for a recommendation letter, it’s going to be a lot easier if you have been speaking with your teachers each day after class. It only takes a minute a day of your time, but it means the world to them- and eventually it could mean a good recommendation letter for you.

7. Have a purpose for every day. Write down EXACTLY what you need to do each day, be realistic and do it.  Personally, I think of all my mini accomplishments at the end of each day and file them into my “master list” of building accomplishments.

8. Lastly, rememember to take things step by step. Important things take time, so work a little towards the things that matter every day (landing the internship, building your resume ect.) and you should be on your way to success. After all, you’re doing something right- you’re trying.




Have a successful week.

XOXO Rachel

For Girls- How to Decorate your room for Free

We all want it. A beautiful bedroom. Websites such as Pinterest flood our minds with BOOKOOS (did I spell that right?) of ideas.

Personally, I ain’t got time for that.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The list below gives ideas on pretty-ing up your space for less that 5$ or free.

The List:

1. If you have old Christmas lights-use them. A great way to change moods within your room is to have good control of your lighting.  I literally found Christmas lights in the backseat of my car (how the hell they got there is beyond me) and now I use them for night lighting. My Style of use I wrapped my lights around a sheer fabric and draped it over my bed. It’s quite pretty.

2. Have any antique or old fashioned styled suitcases or boxes? You can use these as a pretty drawer on display.  You can put old books, lingere, socks, accessories or whatever else you find appealing into your antique suitcases or box. Don’t have any antique ones? That’s fine- your everyday ones can look good too. My style of use- I use my red antique suitcase as a lingere drawer.

3. Have curtains that just hang there? Personally, I got tired of darkness and unnatural lighting. If you don’t have a curtain holding hook on the wall (there has got to be another word for that) then take ribbon and tie it around the middle of your curtain. It lets the light shine through, it’s easy to untie, and its presh. My Style of use- I braided a soft pink ribbon and a beige ribbon together and tied them around my curtains.

4. Are you a candle person? Melted/melting candles can be used as a homey decoration-giving your room a lived-in feel. My Style of use- I have antique candelsticks holding two very drippy candles.

5. Get some things hanging. Nails at Wal-Mart cost 2$ for a pack of around 10. When hanging remember, small walls take small pictures and big walls take big ones. My style of use- Besides my array of pictures, I have an antique (what is it with me and antiques today?) dress hanging from a fancy hanger on one of my medium walls. Pweeetyy.

6. Have a favorite song, poem, monologue or exerpt? Type it up (make it look nice using font, colors etc.) and frame it. My Style of use- My sorority has a poem “Sigma Kappa is…” that I will soon be displaying in a large picture frame on the wall.

7. Your bed is the most important part of your room. Layering blankets can give your room an image of luxury. My Style of use- I throw my prettiest blankets at the lower half of my bed. I then put my pillows on the wall side, instead of at the head of the bed.

By the way, here’s a pretty room using the bed lighting I was talking about.

pretty room

Happy decorating, girlies!

XOXO Rachel

How NOT to act on Social Media

Hello everyone- Oh how I’ve missed blogging on here. This blog began as a bored night, became a hobby, then a class assignment and then just another deserted website site.

Well, i’m back, and back consistently. Lets say it again,  21Serendipity is back in business :) New posts will be every Wednesday. I will also be accepting suggestions for blog posts :)

Today’s suggestion was- How NOT to act on Social Media. Let me start off by saying that we’ve all done it- the selfie, the mirror pic, the bitch post. The self indulgent world that is internet socializing (Also known as “micro” blogging) offer us an opportunity to be ourselves- without anyone actually in front of us. Our online selves, are sometimes the selves that we would normally try and hide from others. Needless to say, this level of comfort is taken too far by some of our less mature online “friends.”

Oh, and by the way, i’m not saying i’m the perfect poster either. I definitely had a selfie as my profile picture last month.

This is how NOT to act on Social Media-

10. Ladies, don’t talk about how many guys hit on you. Once in a while i get it, but more than twice a week is enough to make me unfollow you- or just keep following you so I can roll my eyes at your self-indulgent posts. Ah, i’m glad I got that one off my chest.

9. Don’t inadvertently talk bad about your friends on twitter. I know, I know, sometimes you just want your frienemy to know how much they suck, but here’s the catch; When you post about them, most of your online friends usually don’t even know it’s about them, BUT they do know that you are being kind of a psycho.

8. Two words: Mirror Pics. Actually, three words: NO MIRROR PICS :) You know that though, right? :)

7. Don’t bad mouth your ex. If you don’t understand why, i’ll let you know here. When you do that, it tells them and the whole world NOT that you hate them, but instead…that you miss them terribly.

6. If I were you, I would edit your “about me” if it says anything about “Dancing in the rain,” “Dancing like no one’s watching,” or “Well behaved women rarely make history.” Why the first two? Well, because everyone’s heard that quote a bazillion times. Why the last one? Because Marilyn Monroe didn’t actually say that, a woman names Laurel Thatcher Ulrich did. Oh, and not to mention we’ve all heard that quote a trillion times too.

5. Adding on to #4, In general, overused quotes and cliches take away your unique appeal. You want to be different, right? :)

4. Dudes, if I see a picture you took of your own abs, it pretty much negates the fact that you even have them. I think most women agree. The exception: Workout Log posts, anddd Channing Tatum.

3. It can be endearing when you occasionally post a pic of your extra cute outfit or awesome hair day- key word being: Occasionally.

2. Negative posts are fine- but when EVERY post is just you bitching, i’m thinking…wow, whaddabitch.

1. Don’t ever set your relationship status as “it’s complicated” Want an explanation? I can’t give you that. It’s complicated.

Oh, and unrelated question: Can I get an Amen on this Meme?


Thanks for reading. Hope you have a fantastic, Wednesday, and of course, Thursday (aka; Valentines Day.) See you next Wednesday evening, and oh, happy posting :)

XOXO rachel