Observations from the second story window

An interesting poem I wrote today- 12-20-2012

Fallen trash cans strangely resemble beached whales on a mysteriously plagued beach.

Laying there, empty, motionless on the faded street.

Lids resemble hopeless gaping mouths of many dead and soon to be forgotten sea creatures.

Leaves swivel in circles around the pavement frantically- together driven by the unseen force.

The quiet of the grey afternoon is hit with distantly growing sounds of wind.

The last leaf on a deadened tree moves frantically with the winds pull. Giving no indication of yearning for movement in either direction.

No clue as to its wish to either stay with its dead tree or be free to move aimlessly with its detatched counterparts.

The sound of thunder builds. Or is it just a trash can being rolled inside- hidden from the strangeness of the day.

The sound continues- but now it’s clear as to its origin. It is the wind grinding into this new house.

The wind, having been here forever, the house, only a recent addition to this suburban world.


How to Grow your Lashes

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

The time has come for my final blog post about winter fashion. Tonight,  I have watched dozens of tutorials, skimmed aimlessley through fashion sites, and looked blankly at google images- all in an effort to find some good new material for my final post.

I’ve enjoyed blogging about fashion. It’s not really my style, pun intended, but hey, it was a learning experience. I now can say that I know a ton more about fashion and hopefully my readers feel the same way.

Ok, ok i’ll cut to the chase. We all want longer lashes. Every day we coat our eye lashes with  mascara with hopes to make them look longer and then forget to think about keeping our lashes healthy. Healthy lashes are two words that most of us never use in a sentence. That’s why I decided this was the perfect informative winter blog post. Seeing that a) winter causes dry skin and hair (ahem, lashes) and b) it’s something new

Here’s a tutorial I found on helping your lashes grow- through lash health

I hope you all have enjoyed my winter fashion blog. I definitely enjoyed writing it. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and to all a Wonderful and positively beautiful 2013.


DIY Glitter Tipped Shoes

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Ok. So i’ve seen a ton of tutorials while making this fashion blog, but none have had the artistic value that this one has. I can say that i’m truly impressed by the presentation of this tutorial.

Oh, I guess I should explain what the tutorial is. It’s a quick 2 minute tutorial on how to do glitter-tipped shoes. This is a great look for the winter and New Years Eve in particular. The video shows vintage shoes being “glittered.” However, I feel that this trick can be used on any semi-pointed/or pointed shoe. And when I say pointed, i’m talking HEELS. Just watch.

Have fun glittering. *blows glitter out of palms*

Perfume- Smell like a Vixen

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Mmmmm. Perfume Aka: Fake Pheremones. I LOVE perfume. Getting a new perfume can totally boost your confidence and turn heads (hopefully the heads aren’t turning to cough) Too much perfume is a problem, but not enough perfume is just…no fun.

Here is a list of perfumes that I find To Die For this season.

Bebe By Bebe. This can be conveniently found at TJMaxx. It literally took my breath away it smelled so good. Too bad there was only one left at the store and my cousin was in need of a Chanukkah present. Hopefully that puts me on the good list this year and Santa will get me some :)











Addict by Dior. My mother used to own this until it mysteriously started getting emptier (psst, it was because I was secretely using it).  Seriously though, It is probably the hands down sexiest perfume I have ever smelled.









Rose The One, by Dolce and Gabbana. A gorgeous scent spiraled off from Dolce and Gabbanas “The One.” This is a very feminine scent that will make you want to deep breathe.









All of these perfumes are great for winter. I find all of them to smell sophisticated and potent. Summer scents tend to be lighter and more fruity. These winter scents are seriously breathtaking :)

What’s Hott- Lots of Rings

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Rings have always been my favorite type of jewerly. Here’s why- a) they can be passed down through generations b) hands are incredibly important c) you can mix and match tons of rings d) rings/metal jewerly hold alot of energy (physics wise, this is cool, and feels spiritual somehow)

So what else is there to say trend wise besides wear rings? Well actually there is something to say. This winter the trend that I notice gathering momentum is wearing multiple rings. And when I say multiple, I mean at lease three rings on each hand. It is even trendy to layer rings on top of other rings. I’ve been doing this trend, and suprisingly it has an effect on my mood. Wearing multiple rings make me feel powerful and strong. Perhaps it’s because I have alot of meaningful rings, or maybe it’s just because they can also be seen as stylish brass knuckles. Either way, it’s asexy look – especially if you have pretty nails. Actually, grungy nails even look good with multiple rings. With grungy nails, the multiple ring look makes one look thoughtful and artsy. With perfect nails and alot of rings one appears very well groomed.

Try the look. Just don’t go digging through the mountainous 5 dollar movie bin at Wal-Mart with loose rings. I did this the other day and suddenly felt a sapphire ring of mine slipping off only to notice that the ring my dad gave me as a young child had slipped off. (Greg, my dad by adoption, gave me this ring when he proposed to my mom with the words “will you be my daughter?”) So, you can guess my reaction when I noticed its absence- Sheer Panic. Luckily, a calm bystander/employee came by and seemingly by magic put her hand in there and found the ring within one minute.

Just lucky I guess :) p.s Wear lots of rings



Braids are Beautiful

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Braids really are beautiful. Braids are a simple way to make your hair interesting. There are thousands of ways to use braids to create that effortless yet exciting look.

Here are a couple of ideas that I find stunning.

The first is a braided bun. This particular braid is unique because it is a “goddess braid” in which the braid is actually a twist. The braided bun with a goddess braid is slightly harder to achieve simply because the twist comes undone easier. To secure the goddess braid you will need alot of bobby pins.

But if you want to do the look with a regular braid, simply leave a piece of hair hanging away from the rest of your hair when you put it in a bun. The thickness is up to you, depending on how thick you want your braid.

goddess braid









This next look is beautiful and can be achieved with longer hair. Just take a thick piece of hair from just behind and below your ear and braid all the way around your head- being sure to secure with bobby pins. Once braided, it’s up to you whether you want to leave the rest of your hair down or put it up!










Braids look great in both the summer and winter- so if you’re too lazy to wear your hair down, and too prideful to throw it in a bun, I recommend a pretty braid.

Ombre Nails- Tutorial

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Ombre. For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, ombre is the recent fashion trend of Fading colors. Oh, and the correct spelling is actually “ombre” not “hombre.”  Ombre is actually a french word meaning shaded. For example, ombre hair is when it is dark at the top and fades gradually to a blonde towards the bottom.

This post is about ombre nails, in which the nail color fades gradually to another color. I’m glad I found this tutorial, because before I found it, I had some pretty wack attempts at fading nail color.

This video will ensure that you know how to do a pretty ombre look on your nails.

Colors I recommend for ombre nails this winter-

Gold fading into red

Silver fading into blue

Gold fading into green

Have fun everyone!

Snowflake Nails- Tutorial

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

I’ve been really into tutorials on my blog lately. Oh the wonder of youtube how-to’s. The tutorial you’re about to see is on “How to paint snowflakes onto your nails”

I’ll go ahead and prep you before you watch- You will need either a) a toothpick (to paint the snowflake) or b) white nailpolish with a thin, pointed brush.

I recommend this look for once it begins to get colder outside. The weather has been strangely bi-polar, with us wearing shorts one day and a coat the next. So, I say hold off on the snowflake nails until winter coats are needed daily. Enjoy!


How To- Vintage Curls

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Certain looks are easily translated between summer and winter. Then, there are some looks that are specific to the season. 1950’s curls, I find, are a beautul look for winter.

Here is a tutorial on how to make your hair into a 1950’s vintage curl. I suggest this look for formals, events, and themed parties. (New Years Eve- cough cough). Also, with Christmas among us, this is a beautiful look for Christmas dinner.

Have fun!


How to Make a “Hair” Bow- Literally

Winter Fashion Blog- ETSU Mass Media Production

Winter. The time when the ultimate fashion goal is to look approachable and warm- at least for some of us. I have a tendency to look semi-studded and edgy, but that’s a whole different topic. Moving on-

-One of the most adorable things that one can do to one’s hair is to create a bow out of their actual hair. The look is precious, unique, and…..completely easy to do.

Yeah, that’s right. This look is about as easy as a ponytail but one rarely see’s the look. That’s why i’m sharing it with you. This tutorial is great. I highly recomend this sweet winter style. Ready..set…Adorable!